Thank you.

We're sorry to announce that NEXTFREE has shut down.

We emailed all members with full details, but rest assured all member's data has been perminently deleted from all NEXTFREE related systems.

It's been a journey

Thank you to all the contractors, freelancers and independent professionals who joined us as members and used our service over the years.

1,000's of you believed in what we were trying to do and shared your availablity for new projects with us on a regular basis.

Unfortunately we were unable to find a strong product market fit for the service on the hiring side of things and have made the hard decision to close our doors.

It was a hugely enjoyable journey building and running NEXTFREE, made especially fun thanks to all the messages of support, feedback and encouragement our members regularlarly shared with us.

It's been an incredibly turbulent few years for the contractor and freelance markets in the UK. We're still hugely optimistic about the future though and believe independent professionals, working on well defined, short to medium term projects, will paly a huge role in the UK (and global) workforce as the economy recovers over the next few years and beyond.

We'll be keeping this URL, and associated email addresses up and running for a few months in case anyone has any questions about the shut down, so please do get in touch if you need anything.

Thanks again. And goodbye 👋

James & Paul -

PS - If anyone emailed us between 12:00 GMT Monday 10 May and 08:00 GMT Tuesday 11 May, your message may have bounced due to server config issues. Apologies! If you got a "mail can't be delivered" message, try again, it should be working now.