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Maximise your paid hours

If you want to maximise your paid hours as a Freelance Contractor, you need to minimise your down time between projects. Ideally, you want to have your next project lined up before you finish your current one. By sharing your availability for work on NEXTFREE you can improve your chances of doing just that.

When Recruiters and Clients can see that you'll be available soon, they can plan for you to join their project just as your current one finishes. They may even delay starting to match up with your availability.

It takes less than 30 seconds every couple of weeks to keep your NEXTFREE availability up to date. A few seconds invested in increased billable hours seems like a pretty great trade, no?

Minimise spam

As your own boss, time really is money. The more time you spend answering emails and phone calls asking if you're available for work, the less time you're actually doing work - and getting paid. Sharing your availability for work on NEXTFREE helps reduce these calls and emails.

When Recruiters and Clients can see you're busy, they can hold off contacting you until you're available. If they're good, they'll hold off until a few weeks before you're available, and help you get something lined up for when you are next free. If they're really good, they'll know you well enough to know to get in touch even if you're busy if they find your dream role.

Update your availability once, share it everywhere*

We like simple. We also like convenient. That's why we've built NEXTFREE to be as simple and convenient as possible for you to maintain and update.

Once you've created your NEXTFREE profile (which takes 2-3 minutes) you can keep your availability up to date by email or via the web (mobile and desktop apps are in the works too).

Your NEXTFREE profile is searchable within our recruiter members only area and we create a public version for you to share with anyone.

You can also share your updates outside of NEXTFREE on sites like twitter and LinkedIn. And, we're working on helping you share your availability on your own website and beyond.

We'll even remind you when your NEXTFREE date is approaching so you can keep your availability up to date. An accurate availability helps your next project find you at the right time.

NEXTFREE provides a simple, fast (updates take about 30 seconds!) one-stop-shop to help you share your availability with the World.

One more thing...

As well as providing the simplest way to share your availability for work, we've partnered with other great companies who are also helping Freelancers. By joining NEXTFREE you can get discounts from our partners; Crunch, FreeAgent, Forecast, Jack and Skwish. See our Partners page for more details.

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*We're working on building tools and integrating with as many relevant sites as possible to automatically update your availability wherever you'd like to share it.