We're not the only people trying to make Freelancer's lives easier. We're teaming up and partnering with the best companies and organisations who share our goal.

Helping make Freelancer's lives easier


Crunch puts Freelancers, Contractors and small businesses in control of their finances with expert accredited accountants and beautifully simple online software.

We've teamed up with Crunch to offer our members a 10% lifetime discount off their accounting services. Join us to find out more.


Forecast - cash flow forecasting built for freelancers. Forecast will ensure you keep on top of the health of your business and help answer important questions such as: What's your runway? Which clients are most valuable? Who pays late?

We've teamed up with Forecast to offer our members a great 20% lifetime discount (after your free 30 day trial). Join us to find out more.


FreeAgent is an award-winning online bookkeeping and accounting system specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses and Freelancers.

We've teamed up with FreeAgent to offer our members a great 60 day free trial and a 10% lifetime discount. Join us to find out more.


Jack is all about bespoke insurance for freelance creatives. Simple. That doesn't mean more forms or faff - it means less. It's not about endless features and stale service - it's about one solid policy and the personal touch. Bye bye unnecessary fuss, hello freelancer-friendly insurance.

We've teamed up with Jack to offer our members a £10 Amazon voucher 30 days after signing up for one of their policies. Join us to find out more.


Skwish Project Management is built for freelancers and agencies to make quoting, managing work and getting paid simple and stress free.

We've teamed up with Skwish to offer our members a 25% lifetime discount off their monthly subscription. As an extra bonus, for the first 300 NEXTFREE Members who sign up to Skwish, they're offering a 50% lifetime discount. Join us to find out more.