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NEXTFREE lets you find out when Freelance Contractors and Consultants are available for work. In one easy to use place.

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Search for Freelance Contractors and Consultants based on skill, location and availability & get automatic updates when people you know update their availability

Finding Freelancers is easy. Finding one with the availability that you need is not. NEXTFREE is designed to help with that.

Once you've signed up (which takes less than 3 minutes) you get access to a simple, but powerful search tool that lets you quickly see who's available and when.

When you find someone you know you can add them to a Watch List and get automatic updates every time their availability changes. Instantly.

We also email you weekly with a summary of who's currently and soon to be available (along with the current status of anyone on your Watch List) so you don't even need to log in daily just to be kept up to date.

Introductory offer: FREE

While we're in Beta you can join us for FREE and get full, unlimited use of NEXTFREE for the duration of our test program. After the Beta ends you'll be able to cancel your membership with no obligations or take advantage of a lifetime discount of 20%. Our way of thanking you for taking part in our testing program.

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